Are You a Leisure Biker? 3 Features to Look for in Cruiser Motorcycle

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Are You a Leisure Biker? 3 Features to Look for in Cruiser Motorcycle

18 October 2017
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You like to spend your free time traveling the open highways on your motorcycle. As a leisure biker who likes a good ride on occasion, a cruiser-style bike is a good fit. However, finding a good cruiser is not as easy as a lot of buyers think. You need a Harley Davidson bike that can cater to your idea of a comfortable, laid-back ride that is only pure enjoyment. Here is a look at a few important features you should be looking for in a cruiser motorcycle. 

The bike is lightweight for a good power-to-weight ratio. 

Cruising on a motorcycle is all about making your way through the open hills and highways on a bike that maintains power consistency as the terrain changes. A cruiser with a good power-to-weight ratio gives you a bike that is easy to handle but powerful enough that it does not struggle to make it up steep inclines or travel fast enough to get you where you need to go quickly. For example, several of the new 2017 softails from Harley-Davidson were produced to have a lighter body build with a more powerful engine exactly for this purpose. 

The bike is designed for comfort of the rider. 

Staying comfortable on a long day cruise only happens if the bike you are on is capable of supporting your body. Therefore, when picking a cruiser bike, make sure you heavily consider whether the bike gives you the comfort you need. Look at things like:

  • the width of the seat
  • the distance between the seat and the handlebars
  • the positioning of the foot rests and pedals
  • the overall height of the bike

Don't forget to try a bike on for size before you buy it by getting on it and taking a test drive if at all possible. It's all too easy to look at a bike and think it works for you, but later find out it is not as comfortable as you would like it to be. 

The bike offers superior handling for absolute control. 

Tight steering, easy braking, and flawless maneuverability are important features to look for in a cruiser. Your bike is used for leisure, not sport, which means the bike should do all of the work while you simply enjoy the ride. Some of the sportier motorcycles are flashy and nice, but they also require more input by the rider to remain stable on the roadway. 

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